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The Comrades Special Edition

Of all the calculators most often used, we have developed three calculators for you to assist in the planning for your Comrades Ultra-Marathon.

Firstly you are able to determine an estimated finish time based on actual race results ran, then get your pace chart as developed by Norrie Williamson, and continue by setting your Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to the right levels, to do the job.

All the best to all you athletes out there competing in Comrades. May each stride in the race be fun and filled with joy. Go and enjoy the race. For those who will be competing to the fullest, go, go, go!!!!

Feedback regarding the accuracy of these calculators or how to improve it would be highly appreciated. Send e-mail to info@sportsdigest.co.za.

Comrades Time Prediction
For the most accurate prediction of your Comrades finishing time, three distances and their finishing times (preferably during the previous six months) are required.
Distance Time Pace/Km
hrs min sec min sec
Official distance for Comrades 2004 reported as 86.755km
Walking Strategy Planner
Comrades Pace Chart
Enter Planned Finish Time & Calculate Time Pace/Km
hrs min sec min sec
Distance Time Pace/Km
hrs min sec min sec
This prediction calculator developed by Norrie Williamson.
Comrades Heart Rate Values
Measured Maximum Heart Rate
(If available)
Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
% of Intensity Heart Rate Values
Min Max Min Max
 %  %

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