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The History of the Running Calculator

Pete Riegel, a marathoner and research engineer in the USA, developed a formula in the 1980's to assist with the prediction of times for events lasting between three minutes and almost four hours. An article was published in the "Runners World Magazine" regarding his findings. Based on his formula, a new formula was developed for events lasting longer than four hours which are being used in this calculator.

The following calculators were developed over a period of time, and are there to assist you in predicting reasonable times for future races taking into consideration the effect of fatigue.

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All calculators were developed for you as an athlete.

Road Running Time and Pace Calculator

Using The Run Time Prediction Calculator

Race Time Prediction
Actual Distance  Km
Actual Time hrs  min  sec
Planned Distance  Km
Predicted Time hrs  min  sec
Predicted Distance Timetable
 Distance  Time Pace/Km
hrs  min  sec min  sec
 (Based on 87.4km)

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